The Concept

The BEACH to CHIC  cover up comes in different lengths and one size fits all.  It includes a skirt you can wear in different styles, a scarf you can transform in a top or bandana or shawl, a band to attach the top to the neck for more support and 4 sparkly clips that won't damage any fabric.


Washable, stretch, you can use the skirt as a towel in the sand, shake it and wear it to lunch or dinner!  Ideal for a reduced packing trip. 

Wear it to the beach and be ready for lunch or dinner in a second! 

This is truly the best item to bring on a trip to the South, a cruise or simply to the beach. 


The colors

Solid colors Brown, Taupe and Black that can be matched with the  Beach to chic print colors

The best way to take advantage of the Beach to Chic cover up concept is to buy a solid and a print color so you can make 4 outfits out of 2. 

Print Beach to Chic 

The name of this print is : Leopard

Leopard Print 

Beach to Chic print 

This color is named : Shiny Brown * 

* There is an extra charge for this fabric see Prices web page

Shiny Brown Print

Beach to Chic Print 

This print color name is :  Flower brown

Flower Brown Print 

Beach to Chic print 

This color is named : Floral Black and White

Floral Black and White

Beach to Chic print 

This fabric is named :  Shiny Gold*

* There is an extra charge for this fabric. See price list in the Price web page. 

Shiny Gold 

Beach to Chic prints

These prints are limited inventory.


Call to know what lengths are still available in these prints. 

Tanya 786 624 7065 or email